Y.A. Tittle | Pro Football Hall of Fame (2024)

Y.A. Tittle Enshrinement Speech 1971

Presenter: Wellington Mara

Y.A. Tittle Came to the Giants in 1961 in what was to have been the Twilight of an already illustrious career. Without warning, the Twilight became brighter than new time period in four years, Y.A. surpass all the achievements of his previous 13 years of professional football. He led the Giants to three consecutive Eastern Championships. He rewrote the Giants record book and added many chapters to that of the National Football League. He shares the record of most touchdown passes in one game, Seven. The record for the most touchdown passes in one season, 36. He is second for the most yards gained passing. The records show that he was one of the most productive pastors of all-time. We know that his great value was as an Inspiration; inspired player and fan alike. New York City took him to its heart as it has taken few if any athlete heroes. New York loved YA, as it loved few. Y. A. live to New York as he loves everyone. Y.A. In joining this company, you will grace this Hall of Fame. You come into it with credentials that are equaled by one only a few and I know that no one will accept this honor with the greater or deeper realization of its significance. Y.A. Tittle.

Y.A. Tittle

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and all the fans of Pro Football and the generous hospitality that has been afore us from all of you people from Canton. This is truly the greatest thrill my life, because I sincerely all of my life have loved the game of football. And when I was asked this year and given this great honor, I was notified in February of this year, that I might select someone to represent me here that would be a friend and someone associated with football and immediately I wanted someone that was my friend but also love the game as much as myself. And, in 1961 when I went with the New York Giants and join Mr. Wellington Mara, I came across a man that loved his came, the New York Giants, more than anything I've ever seen. He loved his players more than any owner that ever seen Love his players and all of his players loved him and also, I feel like myself he really loved the game of football. And Wellington, I'm very proud that you are representing me here today. I feel like that the game of football, I promised my wife I wasn't going to get this way. I feel that the game of football is a game played by people. I really and truly do not completely by the over sophisticated ideas of computers and the game being played without feeling, thank goodness it hasn't come to that. I think that all people that play football or motivated by other people. I can't believe that a football player can really play when out alone, because so many people most influence his potential greatness of if you call it greatness, and I know that has happened in my life, and I certainly am not going to burden you people with me reminiscing about all my old teammates through so many years, 'cause I played so long, it would take you four days to listen to them all. But I would like to mention a few that got me going.

My father, she had three sons that played football, And I was the second one, he was the one who convinced me that I could play high school football. Otis Mitchell, my high school coach gave me the late Bernie Moore, who convinced me that I was good enough to be a pro. Then, I went into the pros And I met Cecil Isbell. Cecil Isbell was not like other coaches that pumped up his athletes, he really and truly thought that I was the greatest pastor that he had ever seen, at least he convinced me of that. So, I had some great years in pro sports thanks to the inspiration of so many of those people and to the 49ers playing under Buck Shaw. Also seen a great player like Bucky Albert play, who is a great inspiration to me as a player and of course, to the New York Giants and my four years with Wellington Mara. I also promised my wife that I wouldn't do this either, that I would introduce her and mention her as especially as someone that has inspired me, because she truly has shared my love for her with that of football. And also, she also inspired me in some other ways where she remind me so many times after so many interceptions in some of the game and ask me so many times, was I really colorblind? I really don't know how to express what I mean; I know all of the years that I played we never won a world championship that I so much wanted. We came close three times, but I will really settle for this, 'cause this is really about the height of all my dreams. Thank you.

Y.A. Tittle | Pro Football Hall of Fame (2024)


Is Ya Tittle in the football Hall of Fame? ›

Including his two seasons in the AAFC, his 2,427 completions, 33,070 passing yards and 242 touchdown passes were the most in pro football history. In 1971, he was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If that's all you ever knew about Y.A.

Is Jason Kelce a hall of famer? ›

Jason Kelce is one of the best centers in NFL history. The Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman is right up there with Jim Langer, Jim Otto, or Mike Webster, and his name will almost certainly join those legends in the Hall of Fame in 2029.

What Baltimore quarterback of 17 years is in the NFL Hall of Fame? ›

Tittle played 17 seasons of pro football. He played three seasons with the Baltimore Colts of the All-America Football Conference (1947-49) and one with the Colts in the National Football League (1950). He played 10 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers and a final four seasons with the New York Giants.

Who is eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024? ›

*Finalist in 2023. Underline indicates first year of eligibility. (Players must have last played at least five full seasons ago to be eligible for nomination. Therefore, any individual who last played in 2018 is eligible for the first time in 2024.)

Who is the only left handed quarterback to be named to the Hall of Fame? ›

Out of the 36 quarterbacks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in contrast, only two are left-handed: Steve Young and Ken Stabler, 5.5%. The percentage of quarterbacks currently in the NFL is even lower. There are 32 teams in the NFL and every team has at least two quarterbacks.

What school has the most football Hall of Famers? ›

Colleges most represented in the NFL Hall of Fame

No college has more NFL Hall of Famers than the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Is Derrick Thomas a hof? ›

After the Chiefs' 1999 season, Thomas was rendered paraplegic by a car crash and died two weeks later from a pulmonary embolism. He was posthumously inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Is Travis Kelce a future Hall of Famer? ›

Travis Kelce reached a new deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that makes him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL. The future Hall of Famer will be in Kansas City for at least two more seasons until his age-36 season.

Is Jason Kelce retiring in 2024? ›

The All-Pro center delivered a retirement speech for the ages as he officially said farewell to the NFL.

What QB is 33 years old? ›

Matt Barkley was 33 years old in 2023.
Matt Barkley332023
Geno Smith332023
AJ McCarron332023
Taysom Hill332023

Will Patrick Mahomes make the Hall of Fame? ›

So yeah, Mahomes is getting into the Hall of Fame if he retires today, and he's probably a first-ballot selection. If he leads the Chiefs to a win in Super Bowl LVIII, we can safely change probably into definitely.

Who is the 25 year old quarterback in the NFL? ›

Justin Herbert was 25 years old in 2023.
Justin Herbert2565.1
Tua Tagovailoa2569.3
Jordan Love2564.2
Jalen Hurts2565.4
14 more rows

Who is a youngest football player to be inducted to the Hall of Fame? ›

Gale Sayers (born May 30, 1943, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.—died September 23, 2020, Wakarusa, Indiana) was an American gridiron football player who in 1977 became the youngest player ever voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Will Antonio Gates be in the Hall of Fame? ›

Legendary tight end Antonio Gates was denied entrance to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the Class of 2024. The news came as a shock to those across the football universe.

Who are the snubs for the Hall of Fame in 2024? ›

7 major snubs from the 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, including Antonio Gates
  • Tight end Antonio Gates. Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports.
  • Defensive end Jared Allen. Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports.
  • Running back Fred Taylor. ...
  • Defensive back Rodney Harrison. ...
  • Wide receiver Torry Holt. ...
  • Wide receiver Reggie Wayne.
Feb 8, 2024

Who is in both football and baseball Hall of Fame? ›

Cal Hubbard is the only person inducted to both the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Who got into both the Football Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame? ›

Cal Hubbard is the only man enshrined in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1963) and the Baseball Hall of Fame (1976).

How many championships did Ya title win? ›

Although Tittle never won an NFL Championship, he did lead the Giants to three straight Eastern Division titles and was the first of only seven quarterbacks in NFL history to have achieved consecutive 30-touchdown passing seasons.

Who is being inducted into the Hall of Fame football? ›

The NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2024 was announced tonight, including notable players Steve McMichael, Devin Hester, and Julius Peppers from the Chicago Bears. Andre Johnson was also inducted. Among the inductees are Dwight Freeney, Patrick Willis, and Randy Gradishar, while no coaches or contributors were elected.


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