Best Electric Lawn Mower Deals: Big Summer Discounts Drop Prices of Top Brands (2024)

$349 at Walmart

Greenworks 40-volt, 21-inch walk-behind lawn mower: $349

Save $151

$329 at The Home Depot

Ryobi 40-volt cordless battery walk-behind push mower: $329

Save $70

$389 at Walmart

PowerSmart 80-volt, 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower: $389

Save $161

$700 at Best Buy

Greenworks 80-volt lawn mower, string trimmer and 730 leaf blower combo: $700

Save $400

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Now that summer is officially here, it's time to start caring for your lawn -- and to do so, you will need a top electric lawn mower. Hassle-free, quieter and with less need for regular maintenance, there are oodles of perks for opting for this type of mower. Yes, a riding lawn mower is better for covering larger yards, but for most people, an electric mower will do the job supremely well.

Whether you're switching from gas or need a new mower, we've scoured the internet to find the best deals for your buck. We'll keep this list updated regularly, so you never have to pay full price.

Best electric lawn mower deals available right now

This lawn mower has a 21-inch wide cutting path and a convenient push-button start. It's also self-propelled. This mower adds even more versatility by offering rear bagging and mulching capability, too.

Though it didn't make the top spot, our team of reviewers found this to be a decent model and one of our contributors has this one at home. She reports it's easy to use, ultraquiet and simple to change the batteries. The battery lasts right around 45 minutes, which covers a quarter of an acre, similar to what the manufacturer claims. It may be worth buying a second battery to keep charged if you need to mow more than that.

Reduced at Walmart, the PowerSmart 80-volt 21-inch self-propelled walk-behind mower is reduced by well over $100. It has a 50-minute runtime on a single charge, five-speed height adjustment, no cord and is known for its quiet cutting power.

A 36% discount takes this Makita walk-behind lawn mower down to under $500. With four LXT 5.0-Ah batteries, it offers up to 55 minutes of run time along with a motor capable of 3,100 rpm for faster cutting.

A limited-time deal as part of Walmart Plus Week that gets you the Greenworks 80-volt 21-inch lawn mower, a 13-inch string trimmer and 730 leaf blower with a 4-Ah battery and charger. Together that nets you a saving of $400. Better move fast with this offer expiring on June 23.

Who is an electric lawn mower suitable for?

There are various pros and cons of electric mowers, so you'll want to assess your needs before ditching gas for batteries.

The biggest downside to battery-powered electric mowers is usually the power. Gas mowers have more power for tackling hilly terrain or larger yards where an electric mower's torque and battery life may let you down.

The average household could get along just fine with an electric mower, and easy-to-replace rechargeable batteries can be used to extend the range affordably. Electric mowers are also preferable for those who want a quieter operation or need easier maneuverability since they're usually lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, not to mention the environmental benefits.

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Best Electric Lawn Mower Deals: Big Summer Discounts Drop Prices of Top Brands (2024)


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