Baby Shower Etiquette for 2023 (2024)

During the mom-to-be’s pregnancy journey, baby showers are one of the most memorable events she’ll take part in! Between being showered with gifts for baby-to-be and indulging in sweet baby shower games, a baby shower is a special occasion that allows the mom-to-be to catch up with her supportive loved ones and reflect before she enters motherhood. Baby shower planning might seem confusing at first since there are certain tips to follow and baby shower etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. You may have questions such as, who should host a baby shower or who pays for a baby shower? However, once you learn the do’s and don’ts on how to throw a successful baby shower, your expectations as a hostess will be easier than you think. Throw the perfect baby shower with the perfect baby shower gifts and baby shower invitations for your amazing baby shower.

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If you’re in need of a specific baby shower etiquette FAQ, skip to a specific section below to find your answer directly:

  • When Should the Baby Shower Be Held?
  • Where Should the Baby Shower Be Held?
  • Who Do You Invite to a Baby Shower?
  • Can the Dad to Be and Men Attend the Baby Shower?
  • Should You Choose a Baby Shower Theme?
  • What Information Goes on the Baby Shower Invitation?
  • Who Should Guests RSVP to?
  • When to Send Baby Shower Invitations?
  • What Do You Do at a Baby Shower?
  • When Should the Guest of Honor Send Thank You Notes?

When Should the Baby Shower Be Held?

Baby showers can be held anytime between the sixth or eighth month of the mom-to-be’s pregnancy. If you’re counting by weeks, 28-32 weeks is an ideal time to host a baby shower. Before setting an official date, you should talk with the mom-to-be and make sure the prospective date works for her since she’ll likely have scheduled doctor’s appointments on her calendar. She’ll also be able to let you know the gender of the baby which can influence many of your baby shower specifics. You can also go the extra mile and check the date with grandparents and other close family members who are important in the mom’s life.

Where Should the Baby Shower Be Held?

Baby showers can be held at a variety of places, but are usually held at the home of the mom-to-be or the hostess. However, you can also hold the baby shower at another family member’s home if that’s more preferable. If you plan on inviting more than 35 guests, you should consider renting out a local venue or private room at a restaurant to accommodate all of your attendees.

Who Do You Invite to a Baby Shower?

Close friends and family members should be invited to the baby shower. You should always consult with the mom-to-be on the guestlist though, just in case she has any co-workers or friends she wants to add to the list. The mom-to-be also may have a few people she doesn’t want to attend so it’s a good idea to run the final guest list by her before sending out invitations. If you have a few distant but extremely important relatives who are unable to attend, you can consider Skyping them during the mom-to-be thank you speech.

Can the Dad to Be and Men Attend the Baby Shower?

While traditional baby showers consist of women only, co-ed baby showers are becoming more and more common. However, if you’re looking to throw a traditional baby shower and still have the dad-to-be attend, this is completely acceptable and appropriate as most dad-to-be’s will want to thank guests before they leave.

Should You Choose a Baby Shower Theme?

Yes, you should choose a baby shower theme to help make your planning process easier. Baby showers require a lot of work and organization. Choosing a baby shower theme can help you make decisions faster, since your theme will unify your baby shower decoration ideas, cake ideas, and baby shower invitation designs. Plus, baby shower themes feel festive and the mom-to-be will be overjoyed by your attention to detail and the thought of it all. You can explore a variety of boy baby shower themes and girl baby shower themes, or you can opt for a gender neutral theme like a safari-themed baby shower.

What Information Goes on the Baby Shower Invitation?

Before sending out baby shower invitations, double-check to make sure you have all the necessary information listed on the invite. The following items will help guests save the baby shower date, dress accordingly, and RSVP on time:

      • Name of Mom-To-Be and host(s)
      • Location
      • Date
      • Directions
      • Phone number of main host
      • RSVP (provide information on how to RSVP)
      • Registry information for baby shower
      • Theme of the baby shower (if applicable)
      • Dress code (formal or casual)
      • Specify if the guests need to bring anything
      • Specify if the baby shower is adults only

Who Should Guests RSVP to?

Guests should RSVP with the hostess of the baby shower, not the mom-to-be. The mom-to-be won’t be managing invites most likely so if you list a return address on the invite, be sure to list the return address of the hostess, in addition to providing a corresponding contact number.

When to Send Baby Shower Invitations?

Baby shower invitations should be sent out four to six weeks before the baby shower occurs, according to standard baby shower etiquette. You’ll want to send baby shower invites out early to account for loved ones or friends who may be traveling from out of town to attend the baby shower. Find more tips to complete your timeline using our guide on when to send baby shower invitations.

What Do You Do at a Baby Shower?

The purpose of a baby shower is for family and friends to shower the parents-to-be with gifts and needs for the baby. Baby showers help the parents-to-be get a head start on items such as diapers, baby clothes, and more. However, there is plenty more to do at a baby shower before the gift giving segment. In addition to setting up hors d’oeuvres and drinks, the hostess can set aside time for guests to play fun baby shower games that are interactive and keep your guests entertained. Additionally, you can set up advice cards or a message wall where guests can write down words of wisdom for the mom-to-be. It is also standard for the mom-to-be, dad-to-be, hostess, and grandparents to give brief speeches and share their sentiments towards the end of the baby shower. Lastly, don’t forget to send guests off with cute baby shower favors as baby shower etiquette.

When Should the Guest of Honor Send Thank You Notes?

The honoree should send thank you notes to her baby shower attendees two to three weeks after the baby shower. Sending out thank you cards for gifts you received is a highly recommended gesture after a baby shower has occurred and is proper baby shower etiquette. If your little one arrives early though, take your time with sending out baby shower thank you cards until you’re settled in with baby. If you’re unable to send out thank you cards prior to your birth, you can also include a thank you message about your gifts when sending out your custom birth announcements. Be sure to designate someone to write down who gave which gifts, during the gift opening segment at the baby shower, so the mom-to-be can easily follow along with what to write in a baby shower thank you card later.

If you’re hosting a baby shower, make sure you ask close family members and friends of the honoree to pitch in financially and lend some help the day of the baby shower. Although you’re responsible for planning the baby shower and making sure it goes well, you’ll need a bit of help to honor the mom-to-be. Remember to also have some fun yourself at the baby shower and share a smile with the blooming honoree.

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Baby Shower Etiquette for 2023 (2024)


How much do you give for a baby shower gift in 2023? ›

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend or relative's baby shower, consider spending between $30 to $50, a bump up from what you might spend for a coworker or distant friend's baby shower.

What to wear to a baby shower 2023? ›

There are no set rules for baby shower outfits, so unless the invite says otherwise, you're basically free to wear whatever you fancy and feel the most comfortable in. You'll still want to find out where the 'do will be taking place, though, as some venues will automatically require you to be a bit more put-together.

What is the rule on baby showers? ›

Traditionally, immediate family was out of the running as well when it came to throwing a baby shower. But now, it's much more acceptable for any close friend or family member to throw a shower for the expecting mom!

Is it expected to bring a gift to a baby shower? ›

Most guests will bring a gift to the baby shower, however most people prefer presence over presents. Some attendees may choose to wait until after the baby is born to give something for mum or baby and others may choose not to give at all. It's up to you if you wish to give a gift and how much you want to spend.

What is a standard baby shower gift? ›

For coworkers or acquaintances, people tend to spend around $30 to $50. For friends or distant relatives, many people spend between $50 and $100. For close friends or family members, most people spend between $100 and $200 or more.

What are the gifting rules for 2023? ›

What if my spouse and I want to give away property that we own together?
Year of GiftAnnual Exclusion per DoneeAnnual Exclusion Total per Donee (from 2 spouses)
2013 through 2017$14,000$28,000
2018 through 2021$15,000$30,000
2 more rows
Nov 22, 2023

What not to wear to a baby shower as a guest? ›

Unless otherwise specified by the host, you can absolutely wear white to a baby shower. In fact, light and bright colours are generally preferred. Neutrals, vibrant hues, and pastel shades are perfect for baby showers. Dark colours, on the other hand, are best avoided.

Can I wear jeans to a baby shower? ›

2. Jeans and a blouse are a great choice for a baby shower. In the spring or summer, white jeans or light wash denim would be great with pretty shoes and a pretty ruffled or lace blouse. For fall, dark wash jeans and a button down shirt make a great baby shower outfit.

What is the baby trend in 2023? ›

One of the biggest baby trends for 2023 is the shift towards bamboo-based products. As more and more parents become aware of the benefits of bamboo fabric, we expect to see a surge in demand for bamboo baby blankets, clothing, and accessories.

Do grandmothers give baby showers? ›

They feel that, along with close friends, cousins, and coworkers, it is now appropriate for anyone, grandparents-to-be included, to host a baby shower as long as there's a good reason.

How many guests for a baby shower? ›

How Many People Should Attend a Baby Shower. Every baby shower is different, but most ladies agree that 15 to 30 is the perfect number of ladies at a typical baby shower or about 30-40 for a coed. These numbers change depending on the size of the family, number of friends, and even work colleagues involved.

Is it rude to go to a baby shower without a gift? ›

It is customary to give a gift when arriving at the baby shower. However, the host would prefer you attend without a gift than for you not to come at all.

Is it rude to go to a baby shower and not bring a gift? ›

Gifts are a traditional part of baby showers, but they are not mandatory. Guests should feel free to bring gifts if they wish, but attending the celebration and offering well-wishes are equally meaningful ways to show your support and love for the parents-to-be.

Who is supposed to give the mother-to-be a baby shower? ›

Traditionally, close friends, cousins, aunts, sisters-in-law, or co-workers of the mother-to-be hosted baby showers.

How much should you spend on a baby shower prize gift? ›

In summary, you don't have to break the bank to provide memorable and practical baby shower prizes. With inexpensive gifts under $10 and DIY prize options, you can make your special day even more exceptional for your guests while sticking to your budget!

What is the average shower gift amount? ›

The Knot suggests an attendee should spend between 50 to 75 dollars on a shower gift. (However, if you also got the couple an engagement gift, the 20-20-60 rule can also apply—so your shower gift should cost 20 percent of your total budget.)

What is the average wedding gift cash in 2023? ›

If you are giving money as a wedding gift, the suggested amount is $75 to $150, or even upwards of $300, depending on your relationship with the couple and your budget. It is important to consider your relationship and financial situation when deciding the proper amount.

How much do you give at a bridal shower 2023? ›

If you're only invited to the shower and wedding, it's suggested to divide your budget by 30-70. Considering that the average wedding gift in 2023 was $150*, reverse calculation brings us to a budget of $50 to $75. So, if you're pondering whether $100 is enough for a bridal shower gift, the answer is a definite yes.


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